People are like garbage trucks

— Tommy?

— Yes, come on in

— How you doing?

— Good

— 23rd on Broadway?

— Yes sir

— Let’s go

— How are you today?

— I’m doing good

— Just so much to do, so much to do

— Woah!!!
— Watch out!
— Woah
— That was close

— What the hell?!
— You almost hit me
— Where did you learn to drive?
— Are you mad?

— Ugh…

— I’m going to be late now
— No, no, no

— How are you so calm and so friendly?
— This guy almost ruined your car and Sent us to the hospital

— Well I’ll tell you something, man
— People are like garbage trucks

— Really? Now how’s that?

— Well, they run around with garbage
— And they’re full of dissapointment, full of frustration
— Full of anger
— And when the garbage piles up
— They need a place to dump it on
— And sometimes they’ll dump it on you
— Ha ha ha
— But you know what?
— You don’t take it personally, you just wave
— Smile.
— You wish them well
— And you move on
— Don’t let that garbage spread to the people at work
— At home or on the streets
— You love those who treat you right
— And you pray for those who don’t
— See now
— Life is 10 percent of what you make it
— The other 90 is how you take it